Handling Matters: Choosing The Right Door Handles For Easy Disabled Access


You might not put a great deal of thought into designing and choosing your doorknobs -- after all, they're just there to open the door -- but an ordinary and entirely innocuous door handle can be a more difficult obstacle to navigate. People who use wheelchairs, suffer from poor vision or have limited mobility and/or strength in their upper body are just some of the disabled users who may find standard door handles difficult to use.

1 March 2017

Keeping Your Valuables Protected: Four Items That Are Safer At Home Than At The Bank


So you're thinking about buying a home safe for your valuables and documents. This is a smart move, considering that in New South Wales there were 405 homesthat experienced a break-in between March, 2014 and March, 2015. While some people think that the best place to stash their valuables is in a bank safety deposit box, that is not always the case. Consider these four items that will be much more useful when you can readily access them rather than having to wait for when the bank opens next.

3 June 2015

What To Do If You Accidentally Lock Your Child Or Baby In A Car


In an average year, over 1,000 children are rescued from locked cars in Australia, and tragically, a few children who are not rescued die after being locked in a car. If you accidentally lock your young child in your car, it is important to react calmly and quickly. Here is what you need to do: 1. Assess the temperature and the potential risk to the child Being locked in a car in hot weather is substantially more dangerous than being locked in a car in cool weather.

17 March 2015