4 Critical Details You Must Provide When Calling an Auto Locksmith


Has your car key been stolen, misplaced or lost? Are you having trouble accessing your spare keys? If you answer is yes to any of these questions, then you need to call an auto locksmith. These are professionals who can unlock your car while using their experience to reduce any damage to the vehicle. Each time you call them, there are various details that you must provide which will enable them to sort out the issue more efficiently.

Details regarding what has happened

Many circumstances can cause you to call a locksmith. You might have lost your keys, you might have forgotten them in the car or the key might have broken in the lock. Make sure you provide the locksmith with a clear description of what has happened. This will enable them to know whether the task involves replacing the entire lock or simply opening the door to access the keys which are inside. Each of these requires a different approach, and providing this information enables them to be prepared for the task.

The type of entry system

Always provide details about the exact type of your car's entry system. While many cars use keyless entry, some vehicles still use keys. Each of these requires different tools and techniques to open. 

Your exact location

Providing a vague location, like "the parking lot at the mall" can make it difficult for the auto locksmith to locate you. Once you call an auto locksmith, you should provide exact details that will make it easier for them to pinpoint your location. Examples of these details include the name of the road or street, popular landmarks and the name of buildings. If you are new to a specific area, ask for guidance from passersby. If the details you provide are more detailed, it will be easier for the locksmith to get to you.

The model of the car

Different cars have varying locking models. Do not assume that just because the locksmith is a professional, they know what to carry. Based on their experience, the auto locksmith can decide which tools are best for dealing with different car models. As such, when you make the call, it is important to provide the exact car model and if possible, the year of manufacture. If the car is not yours, ask the owner for these details before you call the auto locksmith, This ensures they come prepared with the right tools.


5 January 2018

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