Stiff Door Lock? Here's What You Need to Do


To insert your key into your front door's lock and turn it is something you probably barely register doing… until the process doesn't work as well as it used to. When a lock becomes stiff and you find yourself almost needing to wrench your key in order to unlock the door, it's a sign that something is amiss. Fixing a stiff lock can be fairly straightforward, although some solutions are easier than others.

1 November 2017

Convenience, Security, Aging: Why You Might Need to Replace Your Car Door Lock Cylinders


All cars age, although with some proper maintenance, hopefully this aging process will not stop you from using the vehicle to its full capabilities. Sometimes even getting into the car can be a hassle, and this might be a sign that your door lock cylinder will need to be replaced by a car locksmith. The cylinder is simply the metal tube which houses the lock. It's the section that you actually insert your key into.

29 August 2017

From Fixing Locks to Home Security Consulting


If you've ever been locked out of your house or mislaid your car keys, you've probably had cause to call out a locksmith. But while locksmiths, as the name implies, do repair locks, copy keys and let you in when you've locked yourself out of your home, there's far more to the services they offer. Today, lock repair and installation is only one part of a holistic approach to home security.

21 June 2017

What Is Lock Bumping and How Can You Protect Yourself?


Not many people know about lock bumping, but it's one of the most common ways for criminals to break into your home. Essentially, it involves fitting a 'bump key' into a lock and then knocking it lightly with a hammer or other blunt instrument. A bump key is made to fit all the way into a lock, and those bumps can push up the tumblers inside; turn the key at the right moment, and the lock opens.

22 May 2017

What is an automotive transponder key?


Most of us take our car keys for granted. You put the key in the ignition, turn it, and the car starts -- it's simple. But there's a lot going on that we don't see every time we turn our car key. In most cars, an electronic signal is being exchanged that allows us to start the vehicle. Without it, we'd be sitting immobile, key or no key.  The transponder technology

20 April 2017

Tips for Improving the Security of Your Commercial Building


The security of your commercial building should be considered as important as anything else about your company, as protecting that building from vandalism and theft will help to contain insurance costs, avoid workflow stoppage, and ensure the security of your personnel. Note a few tips for improving the security of your commercial building, whether that's a warehouse, storefront, office, or any other type of company. Fencing If you don't have a fence around your property, it may be time to get one!

30 March 2017

How to Fix a Broken Window at Home


If you or someone else has broken a window in your house, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible, as not only is a broken window dangerous, it's also a big security concern. On top of that, having a broken window can cause damage to the structure of the window. It's best to depend on a professional in these circumstances, but, if you decide to go it alone, here are some things that you need to consider and pay attention to so that you don't end up with an even bigger disaster.

22 March 2017

Apartment Living: A Guide to Various Keys


An estimated 36% of Australians believe that they are likely to be a victim of burglary within the next 12 months. If you live in a large apartment building, you may have concerns about the existence of master keys used by the building staff and contractors. Many people believe that a master key gives the owner the ability to open every door in a property. However, the reality of master keys is slightly more complicated.

6 March 2017

Handling Matters: Choosing The Right Door Handles For Easy Disabled Access


You might not put a great deal of thought into designing and choosing your doorknobs -- after all, they're just there to open the door -- but an ordinary and entirely innocuous door handle can be a more difficult obstacle to navigate. People who use wheelchairs, suffer from poor vision or have limited mobility and/or strength in their upper body are just some of the disabled users who may find standard door handles difficult to use.

1 March 2017