What Is Lock Bumping and How Can You Protect Yourself?


Not many people know about lock bumping, but it's one of the most common ways for criminals to break into your home. Essentially, it involves fitting a 'bump key' into a lock and then knocking it lightly with a hammer or other blunt instrument. A bump key is made to fit all the way into a lock, and those bumps can push up the tumblers inside; turn the key at the right moment, and the lock opens.

Thanks to the internet, lock bumping is easier than ever. Bump keys can be ordered online, and there are plenty of tutorials covering how to use them. Bumping requires very little skill or time, and it doesn't leave any signs of forced entry or damage.

You're now probably aware that it makes sense to protect yourself against lock bumping, and there are luckily several options at your disposal.

Use a Locksmith Instead of Buying a Mass-Produced Lock

Plenty of homeowners decide to install their own locks; after all, you just need to pick one up from a local retailer, and locks aren't terribly hard to fit. However, you should still use a locksmith to help prevent yourself becoming a victim of lock bumping. They will steer you away from the mass-produced locks favoured by larger retailers, ensuring instead that your home is fitted with a specialist lock that is much harder to turn using a bump key.

Modify Your Existing Locks

If you don't want to replace your locks, you can always have your existing locks modified. This won't entirely rule out the possibility of someone successfully using the lock bumping method, but it will make things a lot trickier. Modification typically involves the fitting of a security pin to provide increased resistance against bump keys.

Fit a Chain

Even a very sophisticated lock can be bumped. The chances of this happening are much lower than they would be with mass-produced locks, but you should still add another layer of protection by fitting a chain. These will only work when you're at home, and they won't actually prevent the lock from being bumped, but they will provide additional peace of mind.

Consider a Security Camera

Finally, you might want to think about installing a security camera outside. One of the reasons criminals like lock bumping is that it leaves no physical evidence, so the crime can go unnoticed if only something small was taken from inside. Cameras remove that advantage. Additionally, having the footage can reinforce any insurance claims you might need to make if criminals do get inside.


22 May 2017

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