Convenience, Security, Aging: Why You Might Need to Replace Your Car Door Lock Cylinders


All cars age, although with some proper maintenance, hopefully this aging process will not stop you from using the vehicle to its full capabilities. Sometimes even getting into the car can be a hassle, and this might be a sign that your door lock cylinder will need to be replaced by a car locksmith. The cylinder is simply the metal tube which houses the lock. It's the section that you actually insert your key into. And then there are the times when replacing the cylinder might be a matter of convenience, or even security. It's a relatively straightforward job for a car locksmith, and yet when can it actually be a wise idea?


If your car has undergone a repair that has necessitated the replacement of its ignition, cylinder, then guess what? Your key won't work anymore when you try to start the vehicle. The mechanic will of course provide you with a new key for the ignition, but this will not work in your car's door locks. This means that you should have your car door lock cylinders replaced to match the ignition cylinder, unless you really want to have to carry two car keys.


Have you lost your car keys (or perhaps they've been stolen)? If an opportunistic person happened to know that it was your keys they've found (or stolen), then they could theoretically get into your vehicle and drive away. Replacing the door lock cylinder removes this possibility, although if your car has keyless entry, the new electronic fob will need to be configured differently to the lost one, so that keyless entry is only possible with the new device. This creates the issue mentioned earlier, in that you will now need to have separate keys for the lock and the ignition. This is perhaps an inconvenience, but it's better than going to the expense of having the ignition cylinder changed when it's not mechanically necessary.

An Old Lock

Much like the locks on your house doors, sometimes a key doesn't seem to fit as well as it used to in car door locks. The lock might feel jammed, or it might feel like the key can easily become stuck. Some lubrication might be beneficial, but it can also be the case that the lock is reaching the end of its service life. In this instance, the lock cylinder can be replaced, although it will be configured to still accept your existing key. No new keys will be necessary, and of course the ignition cylinder will still accept the same key.

Replacing the cylinders in your car door locks is not a complicated job, and sometimes it can make a world of difference.


29 August 2017

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