How to Ease the Key Cutting Process


Homeowners and car owners can take several steps to ensure that they will receive the best copied keys when they visit a key cutter (locksmith). This article discusses some of those helpful measures which you should take when working with key cutting services.

Take an Original Key

Don't select a key randomly when you want to have a copy made for your car or house key. Only pick an original key for this purpose. The original key provides the most accurate dimensions from which a copy can be cut. People who use duplicate keys to make copies eventually end up with keys that cannot work well because each subsequent copy keeps getting further from the dimensions of the original key.

Avail Lock Details

You can also make it easier for the key cutter to give you the best duplicate key by providing some details about the lock or car. For example, give him or her the model and make of your car. Such details will help the locksmith to determine whether any special steps need to be implemented when making the copy. This will save you from taking home a key which ends up not working. This is particularly possible for keys which have some electronics embedded in them.

Check the Original Key

It is also helpful to check the original key for any form of damage or wear before you take it to the locksmith for copies to be made using that key. Damaged or worn keys are harder to copy when compared to keys in good condition. New locks usually come with two or more original keys. Select the one in the best condition in case you still have more than one original key.

Be Patient

It is possible for you to have your key copied while you wait. Exercise patience and avoid trying to rush the locksmith. Give the locksmith as much time as he or she requires so that the locksmith doesn't make an error due to being distracted by your constant request for him or her to hurry up.

It is a good habit to ask a locksmith to rekey or change your locks after a few years. This habit will ensure that you will always have original keys which are in an excellent condition if you ever need copies to be made. You will then avoid many of the pitfalls which could arise if the key cutting process was based on keys in a poor condition.


26 March 2018

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