2 tips for people who have decided to change their property's locks


If you have decided to have your property's locks changed, here are a few tips that you might want to keep in mind.

1. Have some proof of occupancy and identification ready for when the locksmith arrives

After booking an appointment with the locksmith, you should locate a document that proves you are one of the main occupants of the property (such as a tenancy agreement, for example), as well some identification. You should ensure that you do this before this professional arrives. 

The reason for this is as follows; whilst not all locksmiths require this type of documentation, some may ask for identification and proof of occupancy before they will change all of a property's exterior locks. This is a precaution that is usually taken by these professionals to ensure that they do not inadvertently provide someone with access to a property that they do not own or rent, which would then prevent another resident of the property from having access to their own home.

Having this information on hand when the locksmith arrives will ensure that, if they do ask to see it, you won't have to waste their time or your own searching your home for the documents that are needed. This, in turn, will allow the locksmith to complete the lock replacement process as quickly as possible.

2. Pick a time of day when there isn't much activity going on in your home

When deciding what time of day you want this task to be completed, you should try to select a time when there is not a lot of activity going on in your property (for example, when your children are at school, your dog is being walked and there are no other professionals, such as cleaners, the nanny or the gardener working in the house).

The reason for this is as follows; when the locksmith is replacing the lock on a door, they will need to lay several tools out on the ground next to the door and then stand or kneel by the lock whilst they work. If the cleaner, or your children and the nanny, are exiting and entering through this entryway whilst the locks are being changed, or if your dog is strolling around this area, they could tread on these tools and hurt themselves.

Furthermore, the locksmith may have to stop what they are doing and move out of the way each time these people want to enter or leave the house. These distractions and disruptions may then make it harder for them to finish their work in the allotted amount of time they have to do so.


5 June 2019

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