When to Call an Emergency Automotive Locksmith


While some car lock problems may be safe to wait until regular business hours to bring in a locksmith, others require immediate intervention. Many automotive locksmiths offer a 7-day emergency mobile service so they can come to your location no matter the day of the week or hour of the day (or night).

Here are some common issues that may require you to bring in an emergency locksmith.

Car lockouts

Have you been locked out of your car and can't wait until morning to use the vehicle? Car lockout situations can occur due to a number of reasons, including:

  • Lost, missing or stolen keys
  • Broken keys 
  • Accidentally leaving your keys in the vehicle

If you can't get into your car because of a broken key, an emergency locksmith can help you extract the stuck key and create duplicate keys, allowing you to gain access to the vehicle. If your keys are locked inside your car, they can unlock the vehicle to retrieve them. If the keys are missing, lost or stolen, they can make duplicate ones for you.

Missing keys

You know you shouldn't lose your keys and should keep them in a safe, private location when not in use. If your car keys are missing and you suspect they might be in the wrong hands, you should get new locks and keys to prevent someone else from accessing and stealing your vehicle when you're not around. 

Broken locks

While your car locks are built to endure frequent use, they undergo wear and tear over time and will require replacing at some point in time. 

If they get damaged and prevent you from locking or unlocking your vehicle, you may bring in an emergency locksmith to repair or replace them, depending on the type and extent of damage suffered.

Car break-ins

If someone breaks into your car, you need to change or upgrade the locks to secure your vehicle after the break-in. Even if the perpetrator hasn't gained access to the vehicle, you may still need to repair or replace your locks. 

The tampering from the break-in attempt can leave your car more vulnerable to theft if not checked and addressed.

Facing a vehicle lock and key-related issue that requires urgent intervention? Contact an emergency automotive locksmith today to highlight the problem and get your estimate. The sooner you act, the faster you'll secure your vehicle. For more information, contact an automotive locksmith near you.


21 October 2022

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