Prevention Is Better Than Cure: 4 Common Instances Where Rekeying Locks Is Necessary


Rekeying refers to obtaining new keys for your locks while still maintaining the existing lock system. Once you rekey, the previous key will no longer access the same lock. If you are unsure who has a copy of your old keys, it is important to rekey your locks occasionally. This is even more important when you move into an office block that previously had a tenant. Rekeying locks guarantee safety and can turn out to be budget-friendly compared to replacing locks altogether. Below are four common instances that call for rekeying.

Misplaced or Lost Keys

A good time to rekey is when you or someone in your commercial space accidentally loses or misplaces a copy of a key. Failure to rekey when a key goes missing puts your safety at risk because a stranger can easily access your business premises, especially if the keyring had your address on it. Sometimes the keys may not necessarily be lost or misplaced but cannot be retrieved. For example, this might be the case when a former employee leaves with a copy of your key.

Changing Offices 

It is paramount to rekey locks after moving. The previous owner or tenant may have distributed a few keys to family members, employees, or friends, and any of these keys can be used to access your office. After moving, you only want trustworthy people to access your commercial space, so you must make sure all your locks are rekeyed. If you are moving into a new office block, make sure that you get a commercial locksmith to rekey your locks.

Changing or Replacing Old Locks

It is recommended to occasionally rekey locks for your offices as a preventive measure since keys are often misplaced or lost over time. Another reason is that locks experience wear and tear, increasing their vulnerability to break-ins. Consequently, rekeying locks improves your safety.

After a Break-In or Burglary

Whether it was a successful or an attempted break-in, rekeying locks after such an incident is necessary. A break-in attempt becomes successful when an intruder picks the lock or uses a copy of your key. Maintaining the same keys means anyone with a copy of your key can walk right into your office without you knowing. If you notice some of your office items are missing, it is a sign of a break-in, and it's time to rekey your locks.

Rekeying locks reduce the risk of falling victim to a crime. A licensed commercial locksmith can advise you on the best time to rekey your locks, and they can perform the rekeying for you. 


13 September 2021

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