How Do Qualified Locksmiths Improve Business Security?


Although there are a plethora of different security consultants you can turn to in order to improve the security of your business premises, you may be better off hiring the services of a local commercial locksmith instead. These days, commercial locksmiths will get involved with nearly all aspects of securing business premises as they don't just carry out work on your locks. What are the measures that a fully qualified locksmith might be able to help you with to make your enterprise more secure?

Lock Upgrade Assessments

To begin with, all qualified commercial locksmiths will be able to assist you with finding weak points in your current security arrangements. In most cases, of course, this comes down to the quality of the locks that you currently have fitted. Most locksmiths will be able to advise you which ones ought to be upgraded and which ones are still viable. Importantly, this does not just come down to your main entrance lock but those which secure your roller shutters and your windows, too. In many cases, the weakest point is targeted by professional criminals, and this could come down to something as simple as the type of padlock you have fitted on your gates, for example. Although a commercial locksmith can operate in a consultative role, in this manner, he or she will also be to carry out the upgrade work they recommend. This is a big advantage if you need to act quickly to upgrade your security.

Alternative Access Control

In addition to fitting conventional locks, most commercial locksmiths are also able to fit new types of entry system to your business premises, too. This might include, for instance, a swipecard entry system which is much more flexible than issuing keys to employees. With a swipecard access control system, you can rescind entry rights quite easily using a software system, just as a hotel would. In many cases, swipecard entry systems are installed alongside other technologies which help to identify individuals as they come and go, such as fingerprint readers, for example.

Safes and Internal Security Matters

In addition to providing you with the knowledge you need to upgrade your access control systems, locksmiths should be able to help you with internal security, as well. This might mean identifying places around your office which should be under greatest surveillance, for example. The managing director's office or the boardroom might be places that you want to beef up your security, for instance. Equally, you might want to have a secret combination safe installed, which only a few people who work at your offices know about, to store important documents. If so, then ask your locksmith about the best location and – even more crucially – when to fit one without it being observed by prying eyes.


13 January 2020

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